Boundary surveying is essential for the establishment of boundary lines and resolve disputes between adjacent land owners as well as to locate encroachments, build property fences and determine existing setback lines.

Topographic Surveying

Topographic maps are used by architects, civil engineers, structural engineers and geotechnical engineers, as well as landscape architects for the preparation of land developments plans and specifications.


Electronic Data Collection

Topographic and boundary evidence collected with electronic field books and state of the art software, for use on the preparation of maps and exhibits.

Aerial Mapping

Mapping based in aerial photograph with precise ground control.


Global positioning system surveying.
Data collection, horizontal and vertical control.

Construction Surveying

Construction surveying is used for the precise construction of new development structures for private and public agencies.

Legal Descriptions

Legal descriptions are necessary for the preparation of boundary descriptions of easements and the creation of new parcels.


Easements are documents that describe the limits and the rights of one land owner over others.

Land Division

Subdivision of land trough a tract map, parcel map or easements.


In general is the preparation of exhibits for land development purposes.

Expert Witness

Representation of land surveying expert in court cases.

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